Pasen, tijd van vreugde en verwachting, waarom niet met Purcell

Een mooi paasfilmpje uit het You Tube repertoire, zoals je zal zien...

Het toont tevens aan dat het zgn 'oudere repertoire' niet dood is, integendeel het bevat schitterende juweeltjes en kreeg met de tijd de nodige moderne knipoogjes...

Wat het geheel bijzonder aantrekkelijk maakt.

Een (h)eerlijke Pasen !

Hier de bovenstaande tekst uit het libretto van The Fairy Queen ( Purcell )


A Nymph:
When I have often heard young Maids complaining,
That when Men promise most they most deceive,
Then I thought none of them worthy of my gaining;
And what they Swore, I would never believe.
But when so humbly he made his Addresses,
With Looks so soft, and with Language so kind,
I thought it Sin to refuse his Caresses;
Nature o'ercame, and I soon chang'd my Mind.
Should he employ all his wit in deceiving,
Stretch his Inventions, and artfully feign;
I find such Charms, such true Joy in believing,
I'll have the Pleasure, let him have the Pain.
If he proves Prejur'd, I shall not be Cheated,
He may deceive himself, but never me;
'Tis what I look for, and shan't be defeated,
For I'll be as false and inconstant as he.

A Thousand Thousand ways we'll find
To Entertain the Hours;
No Two shall e're be known so kind,
No Life so Blest as ours.



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