Schitterende satire en dan nog wel op Fox… Apple presents

Wie had verwacht dat je op Fox  (die toch ook  Fox_News brengen, die oerconservatieve pro-Bush tv-zender) nog de beste satire rond Bush en zijn politiek vindt.


Volgend  knap gemaakt stukje vertrekt van Steve Jobs die  de nieuwe  i-producten van Apple  voorstelt, een heel gamma waarvan de twee laatste producten geweldig zijn,  hopelijk is dit stukje niet profetisch wat betreft het laatst voorgestelde product.


Schitterend, meesterlijke satire...








MC - Ladies and gentlemen, Apple Computer shareholders and investors, may I introduce the founder of Apple Computers, Mr. Steve Jobs.

Jobs - Welcome everyone.
In the last three years Apple Computers has introduced iTechnology that has changed the world:

The iPod (Apple “Bong”)
The iMac (Apple “Bong”)
The iBook (Apple “Bong”)
The iPhone (Apple “Bong”)
The iPictureFrame (Apple “Bong”)
The iLamp (Apple “Bong”)
The iMicrowave (Apple “Bong”)
and The iVacuumCleaner (Apple “Bong”)

Tonight I will unveil to you our newest iTechnology and it will synergize with all of our iProducts
Ladies and gentlement I give you ....

The iRack (Apple “Bong”)

Woman - The iRack looks unstable.

Jobs - Trust me. The intelligence briefings I got on the iRack are completely credible.

Man - The iRack looks like something we shouldn’t be involved with. It looks like you put it together with no directions.

Jobs - I’m confident the iRack will work without any directions or plans of any sort.

Man - But the iRack looks all shaky. I mean you are gonna fix it, right?

Jobs - Wrong, this is the iRack we as intended - Mission Accomplished! Now I’m going to put our iProducts into the iRack

MC - Um, Mr. Jobs, don’t force force them in there.

Jobs - I know what I’m doing, I’m not dumb!

Woman - The iRack look like it doesn’t even want those thing in there.

Jobs - Don’t worry I know what’s best for the iRack!

MC - Don’t put more in the iRack it will collapse on itself

Jobs - Wrong! What the iRack needs is more things!

MC - You shouldn't be putting more things in, you should be taking things out!

Man - Yeah, get things out of the iRack

Jobs - Does everyone here want me to take things out of the iRack?

All in the “audience” - Yeah, yeah take things out of the iRack!

Jobs - I hear what you’re saying and the answer is “No!”
I’m going to put even more things in the iRack!

Man - But the iProducts don’t even look like they’re getting along in the iRack!
They look like they hate each other in there!

Woman - look the iRack’s starting to smoke!

Jobs - That’s just the beginnings of synergy. I will help the process along by throwing the rest of our money at the iRack!

MC - Stop it, you’re ruining the iRack!

Man - As stockholders, we will not support you in this!

Jobs - I don’t care! And guess what? I’m going to put twenty-one-thousand more things in the iRack!

Woman - Oh, the iRacks in fire!

Man - Oh, my god the fire from the iRack is engulfing the entire building

MC - Everybody out!

Man - Where’s the exit? How do we get out of here?

Jobs - You can’t get out of here! There is no exit strategy!
I want you all to stop focusing on the iRack and start focusing on our newest product:
The iRan (Apple “Bong”)

All in the “audience” - (screams!)



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